The Most Popular Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Your Friends and Family in 2020

As the years go on, it seems like finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones only gets more difficult. The problem: There are so many options — arguably, too many options — to choose from. While some people prefer to take the road less traveled with unique gifts and DIYs, there's also something to be said for leaning into the year's biggest trends (think: eco-friendly products, athleisure, and unicorn everything). Check out this list of the Most popular Christmas gift for men of 2020 to see if there's something special for the men, women, or kids in your life.

While some of the trending gifts are under-the-tree staples (slippers and stationery), most of these best-selling picks are simply a sign of the times, everything from reusable drinking straws to sheet masks. But if you think these gifts aren't personal enough to give, think again: You can tailor a number of these ideas to the recipient by selecting their favorite color, home state, or inside joke. But don't worry, these gifts don't come with a steep price — most of them are available on Amazon (two-day shipping, FTW!) and come in under $30.

1shot glasses

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